Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On hold

I've been neglectful in my blogging the past two weeks because I have been plowing through my rewrite.  I've always been a bit sporadic with posts, but I am just about done with the rewrite and then I plan on making posts twice a week.

Until then, I will be slaving away to finish and then resubmit my manuscript.  Fingers crossed that the ending goes smoothly.

A couple of teasers...
One upcoming post will have to do with taking risks and will include the story of how I came to have at tattoo at age 40.

Another will be about my use of bubble gum pop music as a writing tool.  Atomic Kitten anyone?  No?  A-Teens?


  1. A tattoo and bubble gum pop music? That seems somehow contradictory. Well, depending on what the tattoo is. ;)

  2. Linda, what fun would it be if it made sense? ;-)