About Me

Moe...rescued kitty...
watching me from his perch
on my desk.
I'm a native Long Islander and I imagine that conjures images of big hair and twangy accents, but that's not the Long Island that I know.  I was raised in a north shore town that once would have been called bucolic and now people call trendy. I married my high school sweetheart and  my children were born in the same hospital where I was born. Some might say I've  lived a sheltered life; I prefer to think of myself as grounded.

When I was in college I had visions of becoming a famous sportscaster. However, never being objective, I leaned  toward the publicity side of the business, doing work for local papers and local teams. I have always had a love of sports and I'm a shameless fan. This love has carried over into my writing. 

My working career has been spent with books, first as a teacher and now as a librarian. The writing is a natural extension of who I am. I use my experience and my love of sports for inspiration. I find characters in ice rinks and on playing fields, but I also find them in schools, hospitals, shops and libraries.  It's funny how some people don't see the connection between the games we play on the field and the games we play with our hearts.  There's not a lot of difference, if you think about it; in the end there are winners and losers, happiness and sadness, elation and disappointment.  That's why the two work so nicely together in my books.

My family is my world.  I have a wonderful, albeit scatterbrained husband, and three incredible kids whom I consider my best work.  We live with three lovable dogs, a black cat who is part panther and a whole lot of chaos.

Thanks so much for stopping by,