Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Facing your dream

I write because I have stories to tell.  I want to be published because I have stories to share.

I'm facing the dream today.  No I didn't get "the call."  But I did get something almost as valuable to an aspiring author--a revision letter.  Revision letters from editors indicate interest; they indicate opportunity; they indicate that your book doesn't totally suck.  The editor loved my voice and characters, but has a few issues with the plot in the second half.  Plot?  Plot I can fix.  Squee!!!

So, now I get back to work on a book I had wanted to put to bed.  One I wanted to sell, but I didn't want to work on it until it had publishing deadlines attached. Life is funny like that. Things never go as planned, but I am more than willing to adapt if I get one step closer to my dream.

This is scary, but I truly think any thing worthwhile has an element of fear attached to it.

Ah well, here's to being afraid.

What about any of you?  Have you stumbled, stuttered or crumbled when you are faced with a dream?  Something you thought you would never have?  Tell me about it.


  1. Oh wow, what an amazing feeling that must be! You're so close you can taste it! Well done.

  2. Congratulations Jeannie!!! I can't even imagine the feeling...but I want to! :) You're just steps away...mere steps! Oh, please keep posting your progress - I'd love to follow and see where this goes!

    Also - you left a post on my blog yesterday regarding my book review on The Hunger Games, and I would love to get in touch with you - but can't seem to find any contact info? Not sure if you're on twitter - but please feel free to email me ( or via Twitter (@elschneid). I would love for you to send students my way!

    Anyhow - best of luck with the revisions...again, that truly is wonderful. I give a little squee every time I hear stories like this - makes you realize, that it really is possible!

  3. Thank you, Avery. I feel great, scared and a little nervous as I wait to hear what she has to say, but I'm excited.

    Erin, I'm going to post your blog on my library's page and I'll give it to some kids before the summer hits so they can refer to it. I follow you on Twitter already and I'll e-mail soon and we can talk YA. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm happy.

  4. Yipee! That is awesome! So happy for you! And you're right, any thing worth while has an element of fear attached to it. Life is about facing that fear and being willing to put yourself out there. Bravo!

  5. Elizabeth--I'll keep you posted. I have no guarantees, but it's progress and I can't ask for more than that.

  6. So happy for you, Jeannie! This is wonderful news, and I look forward to reading please, please, please keep us informed. I will definitely remember you when saying my prayers.:)

  7. I'm a little overwhelmed, but excited. Thanks, Tory.